Unit 9

Unit 9 Review

Unit 7

For Review of Scale and Scale Factor,
go to join.quizizz.com and use the code:

6th hour: 442324
7th hour: 195469

Unit 6

Unit Review Handout

For Unit Review practice,
Go to join.quizizz.com and use the codes:
Review Part 1: 792563
Review Part 2: 950198

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Answers to Unit Review:

Dueling Discounts

Unit 5

Here is a copy of the take home question from the Unit 5 test:

This question is meant to benefit you or your family. Please do it WITHOUT the help of another person.
The next time you are at the grocery store, do a price comparison of a product that you or your family is
considering purchasing.

Compare two different sizes of the same type of product. Use ratios, rates, unit rates, or proportions to
make a decision about what is the best choice for your family.

Bring in a paper with all your work (neatly organized!) that helped you make your decision.  Be sure to
include what you decided to buy and why!
* This is all on you - no help from others!

For extra practice, students can go to join.quizizz.com and type in the following codes:
Writing and Solving Proportions: [expired]
Slope: [expired]

Thinking Blocks

Shuttle Mission Math

Visual Algebra Puzzles